- Wir agieren im Interesse unseres Auftraggebers.
Profil Klaus Grotstabel
- We act in the interests of our client.

It is part of the open and fair dialogue that our candidates are aware of this position. At the same time, our candidates can expect counselling that takes their interests into consideration, for example with regard to the opportunities and risks involved in a move and the career development potential.

The unambiguous clarification of the requirement profile with information on the vacancy, the specific requirements, the situation of the client and the market and competition environment is just as much a part of the openness and honesty as regular updates on the progress of the selection process.

Detailed confidential information is only passed on to the client when both we and the candidate believe that further consideration for the position is promising and desirable. We prepare the candidate thoroughly for a potential meeting with our client and in relation to any subsequent contract negotiations.

We are also happy to provide support on all organisational matters. We see our role as decision support. Both the candidate and our client reach the final decision independently.

This intensive support very often leads to a lasting business relationship based on trust and it is not unusual to find that candidates later become references and clients themselves.

If you are planning your next career move and would like a change, simply call us or use the Jobcenter. We can offer you advice and will be glad to consider you in our current and future projects. We look forward to hearing from you!

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