Structured approach - essential in guaranteeing success

Requirement analysis

The project starts with position and environment analysis. This calls in particular for the ability to listen, the art of understanding and the intuition to read between the lines. Only when we have listened to our client and understood the real needs, can we develop solutions to support goal achievement. The result is a convincing and balanced requirement profile.


Precise market focus

Internationally experienced researchers assist the consultant in applying the requirement profile to effectively scan the market.

We define target companies and facilities and identify potential candidates. We also use our extensive international network, alongside internal and external databases.



Detailed and carefully prepared telephone interviews provide a first impression of a potential candidate’s professional qualifications, personality and willingness to move. This initial contact is handled by the consultant personally as an ambassador for our client, responsibly and positively in often narrow markets. Based on generally longstanding business relationships and equipped with information from the briefing, the consultant can convincingly convey the company culture, as well as the opportunities and challenges of the position, attracting even those candidates who are not entirely open to a career move.



Comprehensive personal interviews with the candidates serve to review the academic background, career path to date, as well as personal manner and outlook. Only if we are convinced by the professional qualifications, personality and well above average commitment of a candidate, will he be recommended to our client.


Candidate profile

Our objective is to present outstanding candidates within a few weeks, while meeting the exacting demands. We provide our clients with a comprehensive candidate profile. The candidate also has detailed knowledge of the position, specific requirements and the environment from our discussions, so both parties are fully prepared for the interview.



Our role during presentations lies in mediation and guidance. Joint reflection on the interview offers our client the highest degree of confidence in reaching a decision.



The candidate profile is complemented by a thorough and discreet review of references.The Executive Search process should be as straightforward and smooth as possible for the client and the candidate, so we remain in the background, ready to contribute as appropriate. This does not exclude independent judgement and highlighting of any discrepancies.Open and regular communication makes us a consistent and reliable partner.


Professional knowledge and insight lead directly to the goal

We want to engage the right candidates for our clients in the shortest possible time. To achieve this, we utilise the latest methods, our expertise and our insight. Our industry expertise and internationally experienced researchers allow ARCESSA to accelerate the Executive Search process, identify candidates more rapidly and precisely, interview them and, if the candidates meet all of the requirements, present them to the client. The timescale is generally as follows:


First presentation of suitable candidates
Sixth to eighth week


Detailed, personal interviews
From the fourth week


Discrete contact with potential candidates
Second to sixth week


Identification in the form of precise research of the organisational structure
First to third week


Determination of the target companies in the week of the order placement

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